IT Security and Services

IT Security and Services

Our market-leading cyber security services

We bring together business knowledge and technical expertise to offer a market-leading, end-to-end cyber security capability that helps organisations to significantly improve their cyber security and resilience.

Our cyber security services include:

  1. Security strategy, leadership and governance
    Our expert cyber security team works closely with public and private sector organisations to ensure that you have a properly informed, risk and resilience-led security strategy with clear accountability and responsibility.

  2. Risk management and assurance
    We offer security auditing and assessments against all industry and regulatory standards, such as ISO27001 and PCI DSS. We use the emerging cyber security best practice standard - PAS555 - to support your compliance initiatives, identify areas for improvement and help deliver improvement plans.

  3. Technical security services
    Our technical security services include penetration testing, computer forensics, enterprise architecture, biometricsand identity management, eDiscovery, secure coding and infrastructure, and SCADA and process control security, to give you practical help and tools to implement, test and assure your security solutions.

  4. Security culture development
    We can help identify and develop pragmatic and effective cultural solutions to reduce the cyber risk created by the actions of your people, including social engineeringvulnerability assessment, behavioural analysis and development of an effective security culture.

  5. Cyber security education and training
    Our cyber security education and training includes university accredited, hands-on technical training in information security, ethical hacking and computer forensics. Our team brings together an in-depth understanding of the cyber threat, world-class capability in a range of key cyber disciplines and deep industry knowledge.